Garmin Synergy: The Connected Car


The quick evolution of technology is inevitably changing the way Garmin introduces ideas to existing and new customers. Garmin is offering new products that can retrofit and transform any vehicle into a fully connected car by allowing the driver to monitor what’s happening ahead, inside, and behind their vehicle. Allow us to demonstrate how you can own the connected car of the future today with Garmin…

It all starts with a Garmin GPS… the launch of the Garmin Drive™ product line marks a significant step in the development of portable navigators. With driver safety at its core, the new navigators offer driver alerts that include Forward Collision and Lane Departure Warnings, helpful Fatigue Warnings for longer drives and much more.

Once you have your GPS on hand, you’ll need a Garmin Dash Cam™ to serve as an eyewitness of road activity. Garmin offers easy-to-use dash cams as well as portable navigators with built-in dash cams to record and save video footage on impact.

In a connected car, observing what’s happening inside the vehicle can be just as important as what’s occurring outside, hence the need for the Garmin babyCam™, an in-vehicle video monitor that wirelessly pairs with the Garmin Drive product line, and many other Garmin navigators. The babyCam allows parents or caregivers to conveniently monitor children in the backseat, with a clear camera view on the navigator’s display.

At this point you can see what’s ahead and inside of your vehicle, now we can show you how a connected Garmin car can also have your back. The Garmin BC™ 30 Wireless Backup Camera pairs with compatible Garmin navigators and lets drivers spot vehicles, pedestrians, and obstructions behind the vehicle when it’s in reverse.

Garmin is proud to provide drivers with a wide range of products that complement various driving needs to achieve a fully connected car experience.  Stay tuned and own the connected car of the future today by visiting

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